A downloadable game for Windows

This is a very, very short playable teaser for the upcoming sequel to SHOTGUN (https://leggomygiallo.itch.io/shotgun)

SHOTGUN II: Double Barrel is the second installment of the SHOTGUN series and while not all the changes are present in this teaser, the way the game is played will have some cool tweaks worked in, plus cutscenes and a more in depth story!

The SHOTGUN series are fast paced, hyper violent NES styled sidescrollers where you must be fast in your reactions to blast away the punks before they blast you!

You can follow me on Twitter @LeggoMyGiallo if you want to stay up to date on the future game's progress, and to see all the other totally rad titles coming out soon!  Also if you haven't played the original yet, follow the link above - it's free!


ShotgunIITrailer.exe 10 MB
ShotgunIITrailer.zip 14 MB


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finished it, very cool. hope the game has more checkpoints for casuals like me

Thanks for playing!  There will be checkpoints this time around!