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Her name is Shotgun, and she has a...  SHOTGUN!  Are you ready for this challenging, fast paced, and violent NES inspired sidescroller?

"SHOTGUN is a very fun and entertaining retro style game... We actually became addicted to trying out different techniques" - HM05 Entertainment 


Left/Right Arrow Keys - Move left and right

Up/Down Arrow Keys - Go through doors

Space - Shoot

You start with two shells - pick up additional shells for more ammo!

Careful - you can only take so much damage before your armor is destroyed!  Pop those blue pills on the ground to regain health!


Kingsio Games presents "SHOTGUN" - a fast paced sidescroller inspired by NES games.  It's the first in a series inspired by exploitation and grindhouse classics from the 70s and 80s. 

The player takes control of a desperate vigilante who must utilize her trusty shotgun to blast a bloody path through a ruthless gang's hideout in order to rescue her kidnapped son.

You must possess fast reflexes to gun down the colorful cast of cretins before they blow you away; all while keeping track of how many shells you have left to spend. 

Thugs will run at you with knives, jump out of wardrobes with machine guns, and toss molotovs at you like they were hot potatoes - all in a desperate attempt to avoid your firey vengeance and buckshot to the face.


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Awesome. Can only do the first few screens so i'll have to get further. What kind of techniques in gamemaker did you use to make this? Its pretty different to a lot of GM games on here.. thanks

Hey thanks for playing!  I used state machines for the enemies, and lot’s of timers!  Feel free to message me on Twitter if you have any more questions or want to talk GM!

Great game loved the art style looks like a children's game. I would love to see someone beat this its really difficult love the characters.

Hey thank you so much for playing!  You were doing really well!  I appreciate it and thanks for the shout out in regards to the next game in the series!

So this was great! I loved the pixelated style (I've been super addicted to those recently) and the simplicity of it. Shoot 'em up! This really brought back memories of old arcade games that I used to play all the time. I actually thought this was an arcade style game, and that's why I didn't finish it lol. It was definitely difficult. Not for the faint of heart, and I loved the scares that were packed into it as well. This was a full experience of shoot 'em up and horror mixed into an awesome little bundle of side-scrolly, vivid pixelated action! Thanks so much for making this! (and sorry for the short review, I'm late for work!!)

Thanks so much for playing!  Glad you enjoyed and I appreciate your kind words!  It's definitely a lot of trial and error, you were doing great!  This was my first game but I plan on making many more to come.   Thanks again!

Wow! I didn’t realize this was your first game! I loved it!! :D


The game is difficult and addicting. I had a blast playing it I raged at times but never did it come to mind  that I ever wanted to stop.

Spoilers ahead. 

I've beaten the game, but I'm curious about the "optional" places you can go, especially the locked room. There really doesn't seem to be any benefit of going in there since you use up all the bullets you get from that room on the enemies inside it and the ones you meet outside of it that just appear there. 

Also, is there any benefit in saving or killing the non-violent npc's (usually nude ones) except for saving bullets? Is there another ending?

thanks for your comments!  I actually updated the game to make it where you have to kill all enemies before you can fight the boss so that there are no dead ends - that's how it was originally designed (:  

The only benefit is as you said that it saves bullets and there are not multiple endings at this time.  Thank you for playing, I really appreciate it!

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Okay, beat it again. I actually found out I had been killing a few innocents, thinking them to be hostiles. Here's a video of it.


That's awesome, great job and impeccable timing!  And thanks for getting it on video, now I can show this to a few of my colleagues who think I made this impossible :p

needs jumping

man this game is so hard to play, can't even pass through the second screen

plz do something


Hey, thank you for playing!  It definitely is a hard game, but if you would like some hints just let me know or you can watch these videos where the players make it pretty far and see their strategy!  Again, thanks for playing!

i have played the game for couple of hours and i can now go further than i used to! great game


This game is the love child of Killing Floor and The Impossible game, it's super murderous and addictive as hell. I can feel the itch to  play creeping in the back of my head.