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WASD - Movement

Space - Interact

Esc - Close the game

This is a demo for "Now Entering: Quiet Haven" - an atmospheric horror game with an open world to explore.  This demo aims to showcase what will be the main features of a full game, such as:

OPEN WORLD: You are allowed to explore the game world as you see fit, with many secrets and rewards for your exploration.

STORY: A rich and terrifying story with many side-quests, optional ghosts/creatures to encounter, and the mystery behind what actually happened at Quiet Haven.

DRIVING VEHICLES: One of the most important mechanics is your ability to get behind the wheel of many different vehicles.  Not only can your car be used as a weapon, but it will also get you out of many sticky situations and make traversing the large areas a lot safer.  There will also be a gas meter in the full release so be sure to fill up when you have the chance!  Wouldn't want to be stranded in the woods outside of town...

FIRST PERSON EXPLORATION: There will be many houses and buildings to explore within Quiet Haven, and a first person mode has already been implemented to provide a different view of this strange town.

Why are you here?:

"You haven't been to Quiet Haven since you left some odd 15 years ago.  But you have received word that your mother is sick and doesn't have much time left.  You jump in your car and rush down the long highway, hoping to get there before dark.  Something echoes in the back of your mind: something telling you that you have just made the last mistake of your life."

Quiet Haven is inspired by the Silent Hill franchise, Atari/MS-DOS games, and classic horror cinema.  

Music/Additional Sfx by MXXN (https://m.soundcloud.com/moonman-productions)

Additional Sprites by Matt King (https://twitter.com/king2_matt)

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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AuthorBlack Eyed Priest Games
Tags2D, 3D, 8-Bit, atari, First-Person, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, scary


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I really dig this game! Reminds me a little of FAITH-- and that's a compliment! So glad you came up with this. I made a video if anyone's interested in seeing some gameplay. I highly recommend you guys try this out!

I am really hoping this is a project you are focused on :-D

No Commentary

This looks really great, however I came to it from a report on Rely on Horror showcasing another demo from what I think is the same game.

Is this the demo I should play first?

Story wise yes this is the demo to play first, and then the next one is the more complete demo and adds new mechanics as well as your first quest!

Thanks for clarifying! Will give it a proper go this week!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey thanks for playing!  Development is still under way for the full game and can be followed on Twitter @LeggoMyGiallo

Thanks again!

Just now getting to posting this video, but... The Black Eyed Priest has done it again! Now Entering Quiet Haven is an amazing retro style indie game. The Horror Atmosphere stays consistent though the demo. I loved every little thing in this demo and I cant wait for the next release. If your a fan of indie games, retro style or all around horror try this demo!

I enjoyed trying out the demo for this game!  

I played your game in a 3 random horror games video I did. I really like what you have so far, I'm really excited to play the full game!

looking cool so far :)

the story seems to be pretty interesting just from this demo. id love to see more !

Neat demo, hope to see where you take it!

quite a bit of similarity to faith which is also pretty much in the same art style. Looking forward to playing it :)