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Seemed cool. I like this style and the inspirations. I got the duct tape and after that had no idea what to do, so after some trial n error pixel hunting i just quit

I won’t spoil it here but if you ever need any hints just let me know, there’s also some videos on Youtube of people beating it! 

This is a very good game! i have played it in my class and the tall man is now our new running gag! we all really hope there is a continuation!

That’s awesome!  Thanks so much for playing!  I have another game out on here called “SHOTGUN” and on twitter (@LeggoMyGiallo) I am detailing the upcoming horror game... “Peepaw”!  Thanks for your support!

This game was phenomenal. Frustrating at times, but phenomenal. The only reason I got frustrated at some points was the doll kept spawning on top of me before I realized that it can only spawn once. This game had an eerily silent atmosphere that promoted overthinking and made the player more prone to scaring themselves. The little random things that moved around the house were enough to, even without sounds or music, make the player that much more uneasy. This took me a while to complete, but once I figured everything out, the winning run only took about 5-8 minutes. The story behind this was awesome. I had suggestions for different modes but I've already PM'd you on Twitter about those. I can't wait to see future updates and games from you. THANK YOU so much for the controller, it made this experience so much more legitimate. Thanks for making this.

When I played your latest creation I was confused at first, but then I read the instructions and everything fell into place.

You've upped the difficulty witch I love, dont get me wrong running round with an almost constant shotgun is fun but Hell House added a sort of fear skin to it, I was constantly afraid of death which in a horror game is something you want.

You also made make the player think, you're not on a linear path, you have to pick up and drop various tools to figure out the next piece of the puzzle.

I can see Shotguns influence on Witching Hour at Hell House and I can also see all the work you've built on top of that influence to create something new.

Well done, I thoroughly enjoyed the parts I managed to play.

Sorry I couldn't complete. 


One of the most intense and challenging games I have ever played!!!!

Wow great job beating it!  You're the first as far as I know, thanks for playing!

No worries dude, and thanks for making this really fun game!!!!


Played it, and it has moments where i Legit jumped. i liked it

Thank you so much for playing!  Glad you liked it!