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Hey, I featured your game in my latest Horror Games video! It stars around 4:26! Hope ya enjoy!

Could have been a little more story and notes, but I will give it 5 stars until the second part comes out!

Hello there! I've played your game as part of a little 3 Games video (and yours is the first in the video, so click away!)

This gave me some oldschool SWAT 4 vibes in the quickest and coolest of ways. Dumping you in a location with just the necessary information to find disturbing sights, and  a sudden confrontation. It was very effective with very little, and for that I commend it. I have a little bit of a hard time seieng how the "evidence" is actually evidence, and the game did little to tell you you were looking for it in the first place, nor reward you for fiding it, so maybe that's worth looking into adding in the future, as more cases are unlocked.

Either way, this is a good, quick spook, and much more dangerously mundane than so many other horror games on here. Really nice work!

Love the completely unexpected by everybody atmosphere change. At first, the game seems boring and not scary, you walk around in good low poly graphics and look through a house to find evidence, nothing is scary, when you think the game is about to end with nothing happening, the scariest thing happens. I reacted fastly and knew something was wrong, but still great!

Also i love how that guy looks, he is so funny.

This game gave me a nice little scare!! i liked it alot and cant wait to play the other cases!! 

awesoem game and great job on the atmosphere i really enjoyed it!

That jumpscare made me sh*t my pants honestly :P

Love your game. My buddy and I reviewed your project. Please make more cases soon! Keep up the great work.

Interesting game. I am waiting for more :)


game starts at 10:24

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

I gotta admit it I did get jump scared. Hoping for more :D

Very cool game. Keep up the great work.

That jumpscare got me goood, and great job on the game! I can't wait for the other cases


THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME! I'm already looking forward to the next mission ^^  Greetings from Germany <3

I downloaded the game on mac but when I open the file it says it cant be opened. :(


loved the game can't wait till the full thing is released :)

Real scary vibe dude, cant wait for more

Wow this game was un real , so freaking creepy yet exciting! Can not wait for the next cases.

Heres my walkthrough hope you can support it

This was really cool! Really want to play more cases!

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Wow it was actually pretty cool! I'm looking forward to the next cases. Felt like the murderer was watching all this time!

Here's my playthrough. Hopefully, you can get some info out of it! 


This was great! Very short, but it genuinely creeped me out! Here's my playthrough:


More cases in the way as I work on the full game!  Thanks for playing!


I really enjoyed the first case of this game! 

Love the style and the atmosphere! Can't wait for the future cases to be released

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested (the first game of the three) :

Thanks for playing!


Toc, this is entry team. Requesting a new pair of pants. Good job!

New pair of pants will not be provided!  Thanks for playing!


Nice demo. We enjoyed it very much.

Thank you, I appreciate it!


SKIP TO 14:21!!!

Thank you for playing!


So far so good i'll be waiting on future cases like a true detective 


More cases on the way!


This was really fun. Too bad it was only one case.
Good work, can't wait for the full game!

I’m working hard on more, stay tuned!


You didn't have to you know. You could have left this as an idea, but no you decided to clack away at your keyboard until you had a horrific visage before you.

I had to ruin it.

Lol thanks for playing!


This game has lots of potential. 


Thank you!  I’m working hard on improvements for the second case!


hi, big thx for the disturbing game. greetings from rosti

You’re welcome and I thank you for playing!


Made a video of this game, it was pretty good, has a good ambiance that makes you feel like you'll get attacked at any time which is good, also I found a desk you can walk through I think you forgot to put collision on it hahaha


Thanks for playing and pointing that out!


I enjoyed playing this game.
It seems to me that it has some missing textures at the kitchen.

Game is a bit too dark but I think that brings the scary atmosphere of it. Not the best graphics but, It manages it by giving you a story.

Thanks for playing and the comments!  I’ll definitely be making improvements for the next case!


It is really creepy and scary! Nice just scare BTW! Good one! 

Thank you and I appreciate you playing!


awesome game liked it a lot. like the graphics and how you went with old pixel style made this game a lot scarier then it already is.  cant wait to get to play more!!

Thank you so much!

your welcome!!


Pretty cool, awaiting for the next three instalments!


After those three there will be six more for the full game!


Short, but pretty cool. You may wanna add a reload xD

Yes for the second case I will be adding much more, including ammo and a reload! 


good game

Thank you!


Would have been nice to learn more about the family in the case, but that jumpscare totally got me!

For the full game I will be adding an “evidence room” where you can review any evidence you found for some more backstory!  Thanks for playing!

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