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This is why I don't visit my Grandparents anymore... 

Much like the majority of old people, these grandparents pulled out the Ouija board one to many times and now, i gotta pay the price for it. If you love teleporting old people, random disembodied giant appendages and the occasional poopy toilet, then this is the game for you. 10/10 would let grandpa keep his curse.

lol pretty fun, i get rekt by peepaw all the time tho and give up aha

He’s a tough Mofo!

Great game i love the nes feel and art style. This game is really difficult but i love it the sound effects were great too. The only thing i disliked was that i got pretty confused.

This was very difficult! I played it with the classic NES controller you sent and it made the entire experience super nostalgic. The audio engineering and visuals were spot on and really pushed the atmosphere to the next level. I love how you implemented Easter eggs from your previous games in some of the rooms. Most of the difficulty came from the RNG of PeePaw possibly spawning on top of the player, insta-killing them. Otherwise, the game was pretty consistent. It was pretty spooky and some parts were a little funny to me as well. You have a completely unique style of indie game dev, nice job! Thanks so much for making this!

Mate, this is some of your best work yet.

Spookier! Panic-ier! Just a real pleasure to play.

Hope you enjoy my playthrough as much as I enjoyed playing.

not claimable

you again! saw a post on reddit and then when i saw the graphics i was like....wait, i know this guy! well il lfollow now for more horror games, but im excited to give this a try!

Hey thanks!  I hope you enjoy your stay at Peepaw’s!  Would love to hear about it if you have time, anyway thanks for the support!

that screaming son of a B is making me rage! i found both the other people and all, but i havent figured it all out. i like it, but its deff rage inducing. how does that thing work? cause now im getting killed like, 15 seconds into each game Vi tu publicación en Facebok, checa el mío, se ve interesante sin duda alguna tu videojuego